Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Talking Plastic Jesus

Every once in awhile, when I'm straightening out the children's section, I find a lovely little surprise that keeps me in a state of perpetual amusement for the rest of my shift. The Veggietales finger puppets and the armor of God certainly worked well for this, but last Friday I found something new to try not to giggle about. Jesus is now his own talking action figure, with glow in the dark hands and a Focus on the Family Storybook. And did I mention he talks?

There's a sticker on the box that says "I Talk: Try Me." Now, it's never good when I see a sticker that says try me, since I have to try it. The American Idol Barbies in Walmart were just awful... But anyway, I was expecting an array of two or three short sentences. "I am Jesus." "I have performed many miracles." "I died and rose again." "What Would I Do?" But no, He starts talking for 5 full minutes about the time He turned water into wine. He provides the background for the story, introduces the characters, the whole bit. I didn't let him finish, because I had to get back and watch the cash, so I don't know if he tells any other stories. As an added bonues, Jesus is fully poseable and you can add to your collection by buying such figures as Mary, Noah, David, and Esther. Although personally I'd just as soon wait to hear the real ones tell their stories in heaven.

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Matt @ The Church of No People said...

So they went to John's gospel to find Jesus' voice samples, when they should have gone to Mark.
The other day I was in Target, and just walked down a toy isle. I didn't touch anything, didn't even look at anything, when all of the toys start barking, singing, or talking at me! The toys are aware!