Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What's So Amazing About Grace?

So far I've posted about things I didn't really like or things that were too hilariously ridiculous for words. However, one of the perks of working in a Christian bookstore is that you also get exposed to the very best of Christian literature, whether fiction or nonfiction. One of the authors whose books I have really begun to appreciate is Philip Yancey.

I don't know why it took me so long to start reading Yancey. Goodness knows my dad is obsessed enough with him. He used to have the Philip Yancey study Bible back in university and kept it until it was completely mangled and just not fit for use anymore. He also owns every Philip Yancey book ever written and refers to him extensively. Despite all this I never really did read much of his work until I left home.

Then, a few weeks ago I picked up What's So Amazing About Grace? and absolutely loved it. For the past few years I've increasingly felt that God is calling me to minister to sex trade workers, and so this book could not have been more appropriate. Often, as Christians, we forgot just how much grace has been extended to us. Although God let us come to Him just as we were, we expect other people to clean up their act before we make them feel welcome among us. This book alternately inspired me, brought me to tears, and made me think. Most of all, it reminded me of just how mind-blowing God's grace really is. I have a lot less time to read now than I used to, but this book was completely worth it.


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