Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jay-Z Meets the Reformation

When I was little, my mom used to wish trick or treaters a Happy Reformation Day. No joke. My parents were pretty big fans of Luther (with the exception of the whole anti-Semitism thing) and I really liked the movie with Joseph Fiennes, so when I had to pick a topic for my Early Modern Europe paper Luther seemed like an easy and interesting enough choice. Weeks and a rather unpleasant all-nighter later, I had heard enough of Luther to last me quite awhile. As much as I love the fact that we are saved through faith alone, no one messes with my Circadian rhythms. However, my choice had been made. There I stood, and I could do no other.

My friend "Brianna" however (who, interestingly enough is an agnostic and does not share my passion for collecting geeky Christian youtube videos) referred me to this lovely clip:

Enjoy, and may you never have to write a paper on Luther. I love the guy, but I'd just as soon have stuck to watching the movie.


shallowfrozenwater said...

found your blog through a link elsewhere and you have some interesting stuff here. i'll be following now.

Tracy said...

Thanks for posting this utube; it's a lot of fun and actually depicts quite a bit of the story. BTW-I adore "geeky Christian youtube videos"

Anonymous said...

haha...oh the lessons of choosing a personage whom you respect/enjoy to do a project on...sooner or later you find yourself growing sick of them, or disappointed that they weren't as wonderful as you first thought. "Brianna" (love the anonymity by the way. XD) showed me the rap last year, I would have showed it to you earlier, but I thought you would have already seen it. LOL.